March 4, 2021

Examples: Exterior Recognition

When planning for recognition outside, in a garden or courtyard, there are many things to consider.

Weather and everyday elements can pose a threat to the pieces so materials and placement are sure to matter. The trick is making sure the recognition is beautiful while also being able to stand the test of time.

Exterior Plaques

Most exterior pieces are engraved, etched, or sandblasted stainless steel. Metal is the predominantly used material for its endurance, but there are cases where other graphic materials or fused glass can be suitable for outside.

University of Oregon Athletics Exterior Wall

Autzen Stadium

This exterior donor recognition wall at the University of Oregon has small metal panels with screen printed text and dimensional lettering at the top. The display is designed to endure the Oregon elements.

Gathering Place Park Exterior Wall

Tulsa, OK

This exterior donor recognition wall in the Gathering Place Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma, includes a series of engraved stainless steel panels. The stainless steel provides a sharp look and a quality that can handle all the action in a public park.

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