May 18, 2022

Introducing Giftmap Acorn

Is your naming opportunity inventory up-to-date?

Ever wished there was an inventory collection app for your donor recognition assets? Better still, a free inventory collection app that would help you do more in fewer steps? Well, wish no more! We’d like to introduce you to Giftmap Acorn.

Acorn was designed by Presentation Design Group, a leader in the field of donor recognition for over 40 years, with people like you in mind, professionals in the world of fundraising, donor cultivation, and alumni relations. So, toss the highlighters back in your drawer. You no longer need to manage multiple spreadsheets or deal with tons of floor plans scotch-taped to your office wall. There is a much easier way to document and manage the location of donor recognition assets across the campuses, buildings, and exterior spaces of your organization. And it starts by simply downloading the free Giftmap Acorn app in the App Store. Go ahead, it just takes a minute. We’ll be here when you get back.

Donor recognition inventory collection app Giftmap Acorn home screen on mobile device.

Excellent! Now that you’ve downloaded the app, let’s talk about how Giftmap Acorn will improve your team’s workflow and ultimately help frontline fundraisers raise more money. 

There is so much this app can do to make your job easier.

  • Leadership will gain immediate insight into the value of named spaces and naming opportunity potential campus-wide.
  • Donor Relations Specialists will now have an up-to-date inventory of named spaces and naming opportunities.
  • Frontline Fundraisers can now efficiently identify available major gift opportunities for philanthropic investors.

Having an up-to-date inventory of your naming opportunities helps everyone on your team and is the foundation of an efficient and proactive donor recognition strategy. With Giftmap Acorn you can search your inventory by Donor, Building, and Floor, or quickly sort your inventory by Record, Donor, and Building. Multiple users can even collect inventory on one device.

Acorn allows you to deploy teams to collect inventories, and straightforward export tools help you move the information from multiple devices to a central computer file. The data you’ve collected can be exported from Acorn independently, or even synced with Giftmap, which connects your inventory lists and photos to locations on dynamic campus maps and building floor plans.

If you’d like to see Giftmap in action click here to set up a demo.

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We'll show you how our dynamic data and mapping tool can help you plan and manage funding opportunities and recognition inventories across the campuses, buildings and floors of your organization.

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