Donor Walls
History Walls

Acrylic Panels
Etched and infill
Carved wood
Glass Panels

PDG partnered with Christian Union to create a unique display of gratitude for the donors who made a significant impact on both the Princeton Chapter and Columbia Chapter. The donor walls are made of glass with etched lettering embedded in the piece itself. The design process involved collaboration between PDG team members and Christian Union, and the finished displays are now the centerpiece of the formal lobby.

Various named rooms and spaces throughout the Christian Union also received beautiful and simple plaques to match the reserved theming of the building.

“The displays looked great.  Thank you for all your hard work the past 4 months! Three couples from the BridgeHead Foundation came to the ribbon-cutting.  They were thrilled by their dimensional lettering and had many photos taken in front of it…Once again, thank you for your excellent work at the Princeton center, and now the Columbia center.”

– Carol Fausnaught

Associate Vice President for Development

Princeton University Chapter

Columbia University Chapter