Gathering Place

Public Park
Tulsa, OK

Donor Walls
Capital Campaign

Etched Metal
Pin Letters

Tulsa’s development of a grand community park was the vision of philanthropist George Kaiser, who partnered with nearly 100 other donors to fund the initiative that built this 65 acre space named the Gathering Place. Major donor recognition is integrated into two locations in the Park.

In both of the featured installations, each donor name is individually fashioned onto an engraved, interlocking, stainless steel tile, which can be moved and updated over time. At the Boathouse, an inset exterior horizontal recognition display is created out of engraved interlocking stainless steel tiles. Donor names are engraved into tiles which can be moved and updated over time.

Inside the Lodge, PDG’s donor recognition display mirrors other building materials in an elegant display that reaches up a 14-foot wall built out of interlocking blackened steel panels. Donor names fashioned out of bronze emerge from blackened steel panels as though born there.  At the far left of the display a large art glass column frames a digital monitor that displays donor stories, historic information about the development of the project.  Content is client-managed using PDG’s CMS.