Multicare Health

Good Samaritan Medical center
Tacoma, WA

Once inside the ES/CC reception and waiting area and throughout the rest of the facility, there are distinct areas for adult and pediatric services.  For naming opportunity recognition PDG created two versions of a plaque system – one derived from the donor wall, with wood and glass elements; and another with playful illustrations of water and sea life in digital graphics printed on the back of glass.

Donor Walls
Capital Campaign

Screen Print


The city of Tacoma is surrounded by the waters of Puget Sound, and has a prominent Native American heritage and community.  Multicare Health wanted to embrace both in the donor recognition for their new Emergency Services and Critical Care building, in a modern but respectful and subtle manner.  The concept for the donor wall was inspired by a native “water basket”, creating a sculptural installation of wood and glass in the lobby.  The blue colors and textures are printed on the back of frosted glass panels, and backlit to softly glow with slowly changing patterns of light.  Donor names are screen-printed on square glass panels that are set into the wood frame at two alternating depths, creating a woven effect.