Miami Cancer Institute

Baptist Health
Miami, FL

Crystal Clear Recognition

Miami Cancer Institute will dramatically change South Florida’s healthcare landscape when it formally opens its doors early in 2017.  It’s mission to provide evidence-based, individualized cancer care – clinical excellence unmatched in the region – was PDG’s call to action for an equally effective and, as yet unmatched display of gratitude for its donors.

This warm reference to MCI’s locale forms the surround for a series of crystal clear architectural donor naming panels, and a stack of three 55” digital displays that will play local scenes as moving video including aquarium-like, underwater views that take in the full cross-section of seafloor, mid-depth, shallows and the mangrove beach.  This digital array will play default content until a viewer seeking more touch-navigates to one of the many stories of gratitude provided by MCI’s donors. The 10’ tall carved wood façade in the first floor lobby is a relief of Miami’s omnipresent sea coral, and inlaid blue, glass jewels – coral polyps – that tease the eye with their optical depth and organic shapes.

donor walls

Digital Components
carved wood
Printed Glass Panels
embeded Gem stones