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PDG was selected to design a comprehensive and unique donor recognition program at the new University Medical Center of Princeton, which consolidated the services, activities and donor communities of two older campuses. A collaborative discovery and planning phase lead to the design of five separate recognition and history displays, as well as recognition for individually named rooms and spaces.  We worked with the architectural and construction teams, Foundation, and hospital leadership to develop the design in partnership with a glass art studio.

“Everything arrived in time and looked fabulous. Earlier this week we met with a consultant and were discussing management styles and efficient workflow. Joe bragged about how you were a perfect example of accessibility, expertise and kindness. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks SO much for making this work.  BEST of all – we got the gift $250,000 from the Medical Staff and Barry was able to announce it last night at the medical staff dinner with those beautiful plaque illustrations to help spark enthusiasm.  WE are so grateful.”
Beth A. Crutcher
Director of Development/Campaign Manager, Princeton Healthcare

Architectural and Digital Recognition

The small architectural-digital display outside the foundation office at Princeton Medical Center was PDG’s first data driven installation, meaning that it has the capacity to change with the addition of new data, when a new gift and donor were added into the Princeton Health Giftmap database.

This touchscreen display features an actionable list of donors that when one is selected, opens up to show the target location of the  gift’s intent inside the medical center, as well as providing a photo of the donor, a personal testimonial for their gift, and a statement of significance – the value it brings to patient care.

Princeton’s comprehensive campaign included many named spaces.  PDG collaborated with the Foundation to create a system of plaques.  The many leveled system is made from beautiful hand cast glass with etched imagery.  Some include bios, photos, and even lighting.