Texas State Technical College

Rosenberg, TX

30 ft vertical display
spans two stories
architecturally integrated
Black Anodized Metal
salvaged wood

30 ft digital display
abstract and industrial video
Managed by Appellō cms

Texas State Technical College’s 13-campus community is immersed in top-level technical education on par with acclaimed university programs around the U.S.   The soaring entrance to its Fort Bend Campus Industrial Technology Center provided a ready pallet for an impressive display that reflects the aspirations of its staff and students.

Textural materials and layering advance an industrial feel congruent with the career work to which many here will labor to enjoin.

A wide column of salvaged wood, a connection to Texas heritage structures, climbs 30’ from floor to ceiling, an original architectural feature.  Next to it now are embedded the names of donors who have generously supported the ambitious dreams of students and the many Texas companies that count on their skills and expertise for their future service and growth.  An updatable display was important – inspired viewers often become donors – while still projecting a feeling of permanence.

Movement rising next to and out of the naming column catches the eye, a narrow, flashing band adjacent to the wood column that seemingly pierces the ceiling and rejoins it upward into the rafters.  Digital images play on this column, now spinning and abstract, now evolving to industrial sparks and space; parallel intent and invitation to imagine the future.

PDG’s Appellō CMS provides the administrative muscle to arrange, add and change content on the digital column.  The collaborative video content development between PDG and TSTC’s staff and students adds a layer of authorship and longevity to this display, which will evolve as the college and its students push forward into new fields and applied technology not even imagined today.