February 15, 2021

Examples: Systems of Recognition

Systems of Recognition

Are you starting to plan recognition for a new capital project? Perhaps you’re preparing to revamp your current donor recognition. Maybe you just need some inspiration. In any case, let’s take a look at a few systems of recognition.

Suburban Hospital

What’s included here?
  • Donor Wall
  • Architecturally Integrated Digital Display
  • System of Plaques
  • Stand Off Letters

This new hospital has a clean, modern, and streamlined design. The foundation wanted to bring in a natural element that would add a sense of relaxation and meditation to the bare environment. The riverbed motif provided just that, along with an easily identifiable image. The imagery that’s carried from the donor wall through to the different levels of plaques renders each piece immediately recognizable as donor recognition.

When visitors continue to see this imagery carried throughout the hospital, they’ll feel just how big the presence of giving is in your institution. This presence often fosters the spirit of giving and inspires others to join the donor family.

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Stamford Hospital

What’s included here?
  • Donor Walls
  • Stand Off Letters
  • System of Plaques

Stamford Hospital’s system of recognition is an understated one but that doesn’t make it plain by any means. The elegant standoff letters act as the main donor recognition wall that stretches up the architectural feature wall. The clear plaques provide a pleasing aesthetic on any background.

With the natural elements already present in this hospital, only a simple presence of donor recognition was needed. The plaques still provide a meaningful moment for each donor.

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Christus Spohn Hospital

What’s included here?
  • Donor Wall
  • System of Plaques

This colorful donor recognition wall and system of plaques is reminiscent of the environment right outside the hospital. The donor wall stretches the length of the lobby but only a small portion is populated with names. Not only does this achieve a grand scale feeling, but it allows for many updates and additions that can be made in years to come.

The plaque design makes an obvious call back to the donor wall and allows the viewers to immediately make the connection back to what they saw in the lobby. When you can tie your system of recognition together with a themed design, it makes each piece stand out, even if it’s a small plaque alone in a hallway.

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