A Suite of Tools for Fundraisers

For decades, Presentation Design Group (PDG) has applied its artistry and passion to the mission of philanthropy, creating architectural and interactive recognition displays and plaques. We design intentionally to strengthen your donor family and move others to support your important work.

Professional empathy for your complex responsibility inspired us to create giftmap, a dynamic data and mapping tool to help you plan and manage funding opportunities and recognition inventories across the campuses, buildings and floors of your organization.

a dynamic inventory of your naming opportunities and recognition elements.
the efforts of your fundraising team in real-time.
perfectly tailored presentations in minutes using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
live updates with your facilities teams and construction managers.
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A free Mobile app to help you identify and record your donor recognition inventories.

Put down the spreadsheets, markers, and maps, an easier method of data and inventory collection has arrived.  

Giftmap Acorn is an application for professionals in the world of fundraising, donor cultivation and alumni relations. Acorn is part of Giftmap, a suite of dynamic tools designed to document and manage the location of donor recognition assets across the campuses, buildings and exterior spaces of your organization. With Acorn, use the camera on a mobile device to easily photograph plaques and record their locations, size, and what they say.

Acorn’s project and collector designations allow deployed teams to collect inventories, and simple export tools help move the information from multiple devices to a central computer file. The data can be exported from Acorn independently, or even sync it with Giftmap, which connects inventory lists and photos to locations on dynamic campus maps and building floor plans. Giftmap Acorn is the only free inventory collection app, helping users do more in fewer steps.