A Content Management System with full control

A cohesive and effective digital communication strategy requires a centralized system by which evolving content is organized, configured, curated and deployed to one or many different displays in physical and virtual space, and which can be run efficiently by donor stewardship staff. Today there are hundreds of Content Management System (CMS) programs available, few of which pass the ease-of-use test.

PDG has used and incorporated many CMS programs to manage its own displays, only to be disappointed by the complexity, cost and arduous use cases. These are necessarily deep programs, but our clients need effective, simple, intuitive tools to control their displays and configure new, inspirational content. Given our empathy with donor relations experts, fundraisers and donors, we abandoned the mainstream CMS programs. They simply didn’t work for our clients.

Appellō, PDG’s CMS platform was created from the
very start with you in mind.
The dashboards you’ll use to gather and configure libraries of media assets are easy to understand and operate. They are especially intuitive to Stewardship and Donor Relations professionals, because the terminology and operations anticipate the requirements specific to your work now and as your system expands.

woman looking at laptop screen using Presentation Design Group's content management tool, Appello.
digital donor recognition wall display with still image of white flower and donor names on the screens.
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In Home Recognition

What if the small tokens of appreciation you've given your donors became cues to a stream of inspiring stories and recognition? Using Appellō's Connect™ app, a memento or gift placed in a donor’s home will become a portal for continuous engagement. Your donor’s smart device will recognize a selected object and immediately display messages of gratitude and inspiration that you create and manage in Appellō. And this is only the beginning. Appellō anticipates the coming addition of Augmented Reality experience to every smart device.  Even these deeper, more lifelike experiences can be gathered and curated using your Appellō dashboard.

donor recognition gift with scence of butterfly and flowers incased in glass block.
cell phone screen with personalized thank you message delivered using Apellō's Connect app.
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We’ll show you how Appellō provides simple, intuitive tools to control digital displays and configure new, inspirational donor recognition content. Simply fill out the information below and a member of our team will contact you via email within hours to schedule a demo.