July 25, 2023

Using Naming Opportunities to Achieve Fundraising Success

Learn how to leverage funding opportunities at scale with Giftmap

When it comes to campaign fundraising, one of the most important, yet often overlooked, factors in achieving success is managing and promoting donor-named spaces, programs, and naming opportunities. This blog post will delve into how using Giftmap, an innovative data and mapping tool created by PDG, to manage donor-named spaces and promote naming opportunities can enhance your fundraising efforts. With Giftmap, you can raise funds more quickly, strengthen donor relationships, and create lasting legacies.

Are You Making the Most of Your Naming Opportunities?

Donor-named spaces serve as a powerful means to reinforce enduring relationships with donors. When incorporated into a comprehensive fundraising and stewardship plan, they become the bonds that connect your donors' passions to your cause for generations to come. While previously reserved for high-level donors during capital campaigns, named spaces now offer a broader array of possibilities that can engage mid-level donors. The possibilities are endless, from naming buildings and departments to wings, auditoriums, libraries, labs, classrooms, and patient rooms. And let's not forget about exterior spaces, where gardens, fountains, benches, and pathways open up additional opportunities for donor recognition. If it's visible and accessible to the public, it holds the potential for donor recognition value.

Donor recognition named space bust unveiling at Augusta University.

Donor Recognition Audit: You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

How can you efficiently uncover the multitude of naming opportunities scattered across your entire campus? The answer lies in leveraging PDG's inventory audit team. We are well-versed in walking the halls of higher education and healthcare institutions, quickly identifying named spaces and naming opportunities for you. Within a span of 2 to 5 days, our professional team can complete comprehensive inventories of previously named spaces while identifying available naming opportunities. As we meticulously survey your campus, we often identify funding opportunities that may have eluded your team. This can result in raising hundreds of thousands of additional dollars for your organization.

Once the inventory audit is completed, how can you organize and present the current named spaces and available naming opportunities to your fundraising team? How will you systematically track their availability, reservations, and allocations to specific donors? To address these challenges, PDG has developed Giftmap—a dynamic data and mapping tool designed to document and manage the locations of donor recognition assets across your campuses, buildings, and exterior spaces. Bid farewell to the confusion of multiple spreadsheets, scattered maps, and disjointed tracking methods. Giftmap unlocks your true fundraising potential by identifying and accurately tracking every naming opportunity, streamlining your team's work, and presenting donors with appealing opportunities through robust search functionality, captivating photos, and detailed descriptions.

Bid farewell to the confusion of multiple spreadsheets, scattered maps, and disjointed tracking methods.

Here are just a few ways that Giftmap can help you tap into the full potential of your fundraising efforts.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

There are more naming opportunities out there waiting to be discovered. Ensure that no opportunity goes unnoticed by identifying and accurately tracking every naming opportunity. Giftmap’s robust search functionality, complemented by photos and detailed descriptions, lets your fundraising team present donors with the most relevant and attractive opportunities.

Stay Updated, Never Double-Promise

Ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page. Eliminate the risk of multiple team members making conflicting promises regarding available naming opportunities. Giftmap provides a centralized platform where your entire team can access a single list of opportunities and their status in real time.

Access Donor Information in Seconds

A simple search is all it takes to explore every piece of recognition a donor has on campus, complete with relevant gift information and photos of each installed recognition piece. One of the remarkable features of Giftmap is its ability to catalog all past naming and recognition inventory. This comprehensive historical record enhances your ability to engage with donors and showcase the lasting impact of their contributions.

Create a Central Point of Truth

Ensure a more efficient and cohesive fundraising process by centralizing information and facilitating communication. Giftmap empowers foundation admins to view all naming opportunities and named spaces across their organization. This enables seamless collaboration with cross-functional partners, making it easier to relay status changes and updates to leadership.

Effortless Presentations

Creating perfectly tailored presentations has never been easier. Whether using a laptop or tablet, gift officers can generate compelling proposals in a matter of minutes. With less time spent on administrative tasks, they can focus more on building relationships with potential donors.

Engage Potential Donors

Provide potential donors with a rewarding and engaging experience. By leveraging easy-to-understand maps and captivating visuals, you can walk donors through a virtual environment that portrays the impact of their potential contributions. This immersive approach enhances their understanding and encourages meaningful engagement.

Donor named space with dimensional lettering by PDG.

Giftmap represents a new era in fundraising, empowering organizations to optimize their campaigns, engage donors, and showcase the profound impact of their contributions. With its dynamic inventory management, seamless collaboration, and powerful presentation capabilities, Giftmap is your ultimate tool for fundraising success. Embrace the future of fundraising with Giftmap and unlock your organization's full potential.

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