A person walking by CPMC Foundation's digital donor wall display.

California Pacific Medical Center

Connection to Nature and the City We Love
Sutter Health
San Francisco, CA

This engaging splash of neighborhood within the rebuilt California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) – Saint Luke’s Campus, and the all new CPMC-Van Ness Campus was intended as a celebration of Californian’s love of place, their diverse community and the donors who push the level of patient care ever higher.

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The largest digital donor recognition display at the Van Ness facility uses 16 monitors.
Digital Display
Donor Wall
Dimensional Lettering
Plaque System
Art Glass
Interactive Digital Display
Exterior Recognition
Master Planning
Budget Development
Conceptual Design
Project Management
Fabrication & Installation

Grand Centerpieces

Sutter CPMC engaged PDG to design, manufacture, and install large works of digital art in their two new San Francisco hospitals. We presented concepts for architecturally embedding these large arrays, provided critical code compliance and construction documentation, and developed the visual art and donor recognition that appears in these grand centerpieces. PDG’s proprietary content management system Appellō is used by foundation personnel to update, configure and post new content to each display from a remote office. Our work also included a plaque system of bespoke fused glass recognition installed throughout these facilities. We have become trusted allies in CPMC’s fundraising efforts, continuously monitoring and servicing the technology and assisting our client-partners as they update inspirational content and donor lists.

Close-up view of digital donor recognition wall display showing donor names in different sizes.
View of Caren and David Edwards Courtyard Family Room named space donor recognition plaque on the wall.
Close-up view of a named space donor recognition plaque on the wall.
Donor recognition Legacy display that incorporates bespoke fused glass.

Artistic Engagement

PDG’s work with the CPMC Foundation began during the final stages of architectural planning. We made presentations at weekly architectural, engineering, and construction meetings and received constructive support from their members in bringing to life our collaborative conceptual ideas. Strict earthquake-informed construction regulations needed to be met as well, but met with little compromise to the visual or functional attributes of the display.  

In the tech-immersed Silicon Valley, we were never going to engage by out-teching the techies. Surprise, scale, composition, and timing combined to create the artistic engagement all displays require. Bi-level digital installations at the Saint Luke’s campus hail visitors on the street from the ground and second floors.

Stills and videos supported by minimal text feature familiar places around town, interspersed with donor portraits, testimonials about their association with CPMC, and reasons for their support.

Most of the displays at the CPMC campuses are comprised of programmed content carefully timed to engage pictorially while intermittently honoring donors and their value statements. All content is client-managed using PDG’s CMS Appellō.

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