Donor recognition wall spanning 80 feet with immersive graphics made to look like the viewer is walking on the beach.

Christus Spohn Hospital

Celebrating This Unique Place in the World
Corpus Christi, TX

The Long Game

Christus Spohn rests somewhere between earth and sky on Texas’ southern Gulf shoreline. Our first impression was place-immersive, which evolved into this painterly graphic expanse that is made complete by adding a viewer’s reflection as though walking on the beach. Printed graphics, glass, and wood framing provide the surround for recognition of cumulative and annual giving, major donors, and planned giving, all referenced in plaques associated with named spaces throughout the medical center. As much art as it is a purposeful display, planning for growth both reserves the space and surrounds us with a sense of place.

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The feature donor wall spans 80 feet in the main lobby.
Donor Wall
Plaque System
Art Glass
Master Planning
Budget Development
Conceptual Design
Project Management
Fabrication & Installation

The feature donor wall spans 80 feet in the main lobby. PDG and Christus Spohn intentionally usurped the space for future updates to the wall. It also makes for a grand display.

Donor recognition wall with printed graphics, glass and wood framing showing cumulative, annual, and planned giving, and major donors.
Named space donor recognition plaque with the same beach theme graphic as the main donor wall.
Two women standing in front of the main donor recognition wall.
Woman in white jacket standing at a reception desk. A donor recognition plaque naming the space can be seen mounted to the front.

The accompanying plaque system uses the same design language and materials as the donor wall to connect the visual theme across the facility.

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