Axial Control

A cohesive, effective communication strategy requires an axial system by which evolving content is organized, configured, curated and deployed to many different displays in physical and virtual space.  Lots of moving parts.  Today there are hundreds of Content Management System (CMS) programs available, some of which are up to this task. . . many of which are not. 

Presentation Design Group has tested and incorporated many CMS programs, only to be disappointed by the complexity, cost and ease of client use.  These are necessarily deep programs, but our clients need simple, intuitive tools with which they can control displays and configure new, inspirational content.  While working with donor relations experts, fundraisers and donors for more than four decades, we developed a unique professional empathy that led us to abandon many of the mainstream CMS programs.  They simply didn’t work for our clients.

So we made our own, just for you.

The PDG CMS platform has been built from the very start with you in mind.  The dashboards you’ll use to gather and configure libraries of media assets are easy to understand and operate.  They are especially intuitive to Stewardship and Donor Relations professionals, because the terminology and operations anticipate the requirement specific to your work presently and as your system expands.

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