June 17, 2022

Digital Donor Recognition Made Easy, with Appellō CMS

A Content Management System for donor relations professionals

So, you’re considering a digital donor wall as a way to recognize the generous gifts made by the members of your donor family. You want your list of donor names displayed prominently for all to see. You know it will be an excellent way for their inspiring stories and beautiful imagery to come to life on high-definition screens connecting your organization to the community and compelling others to give. However, you also realize that managing this information can be challenging and time-consuming. You need a Content Management System (CMS). An easy-to-use, intuitive system to control your digital displays and configure new, inspirational content.

After exploring and testing many CMS programs, only to be disappointed by their limitations, cost, and complexity, PDG decided to abandon the mainstream CMS programs – they simply didn’t meet our clients’ needs. As a result, we were inspired to create our own platform – a CMS program built from the start with you, the donor relations professional, in mind. The process of updating and maintaining a digital donor wall no longer needs to be intimidating.

The result is Appellō, a cohesive, effective communication content management system by which your ever-evolving content is organized, configured, curated, and deployed to many different displays in physical and virtual spaces.

Digital donor recognition walls greatly expand upon the ways traditional donor walls showcase displays of gratitude.

Let’s look at some typical applications for digital donor walls and explore how Appellō can make those applications easier for you and your team.

Donor Lists

Importing donor name lists through Appellō is as easy as uploading a .CSV file from Microsoft Excel or Google sheets. Once you import your list, Appellō lets you configure columns and choose fonts, colors, and numerous layout options to align with your organization’s brand standards.

Dynamic Donor Stories

Donor stories are an attention-grabbing and often emotionally compelling way to show the connection between your organization and the community. When inspirational videos and images are featured on digital screens, these messages come to life and invite the viewer to become part of the donor experience.

Appellō gives you full control over how your donor stories are shared. You can now piece together images and video clips from a library of assets you’ve previously uploaded.

Updating Content & Editing 

One advantage a digital donor wall holds over traditional architectural walls is the ease of updating and editing its content. When adding donor names or changing a donor story, you don’t have to wait for parts to be shipped and installed as you would with a traditional donor wall. Appellō handles that part for you. You can quickly update existing recognition within minutes using your laptop or tablet. If you have a new donor story you’d like to feature, simply drag and drop it into the active presentation. Appellō lets you preview your work before publishing changes to each display.

If you need to crop, zoom, or change out an image altogether, Appellō has a built-in media editor. No graphic design skills are required!

Imagery & Media Assets

Gathering together and keeping track of media files can be a daunting task. With Appellō, you are able to collect a comprehensive library of photos, videos, and donor stories. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to keep all of your assets in order.

Appellō’s dashboards used to gather and configure libraries of media assets are easy to understand and operate. They are especially intuitive to Stewardship and Donor Relations Professionals because the terminology and operations anticipate the requirements specific to your work now and as your system expands.

Customized Presentations

Whether you want to highlight a new donor who has just made a significant donation to your campaign or feature a list of upcoming events, Appellō allows you to easily create new inspirational content and add it to your existing presentation. 

You’ll meet with the Appellō team during the initial design process for your digital donor recognition project to collaboratively create formatted templates that fit your specific screen configuration. These templates are readily available whenever you need to create new content. You can add transitions between images or videos and overlay text to personalize a message for a specific campaign or a special donor.

With Appellō, you can

Take Your:

  • Photo Libraries
  • Video Files
  • Marketing and PR Assets
  • Donor Lists
  • CRM Data Synchronization

And Publish To:

  • Single Screen Displays
  • Large Multi-Screen Arrays
  • Moveable Kiosks
  • Websites
  • Augmented Reality Content

Here are a few of our clients that use Appellō CMS to manage their digital donor recognition content.

Sutter Health Systems - Grand digital centerpieces in their California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) Mission Bernal, Van Ness, and Pacific Heights campuses use stills and videos featuring donor names, stories, and testimonials that highlight their association with CPMC and reasons for their support.

A woman walks by a huge sixteen screen digital donor recognition wall displaying white daisies and donor names.
Sutter Health Systems

Suburban Hospital - A digital panel at the end of a 40-foot-long traditional architectural donor wall displaying donor names carries client-updated information on upcoming events and donor stories.

A digital panel at the end of a 40-foot-long traditional architectural donor wall displaying donor names carries client-updated information on upcoming events and donor stories.
Suburban Hospital

Washington Hospital Healthcare System - Multiple touchscreen interactive displays allow viewers to dive deeper into impactful donor stories and illustrate the importance of the communities of donors to Washington Hospital’s past and future.

Donor recognition wall with two digital screens showing impactful donor stories.
Washington Hospital Healthcare System

See Appellō in Action

Interested in an Appellō demo? We'll show you how our easy-to-use, intuitive content management system controls your digital displays and helps you configure new, inspirational content.


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