A Guide To: Digital Donor Walls

We’ve found ourselves in a digital age and you may wonder if your institution’s donor recognition should match the expectations of our digital environments. Incorporating digital displays into your donor walls is an attractive option, but are pixels commensurate recognition for major donors?

Take a look into these different kinds of meaningful and artistic digital donor walls.

Architecturally Integrated Displays

Screens have become omni present in our everyday lives and they’re used to relay messages of all kinds.  As constant witnesses, we’ve learned to ignore them when walking through common areas.

When incorporating digital assets into your donor walls, you need to think carefully about their appearance and the message they carry.  Recognition for your major donors needs to be thoughtful, meaningful, and carry messages that will connect them to the results of their giving.  Digital can provide all of this but providing the right architectural surround will make it that much more significant.

Free Standing Displays

No vertical real estate available for an architecturally integrated wall?  That’s okay too.  These beautiful free standing displays provide the same easily updatable quality that digital brings while maintaining the architectural surround that grounds each display, rendering them impossible to ignore.

Each of these donor walls incorporates meaningful materials like glass, embedded donor names, and a monolith like nature.  They are immediately recognizable as an important message that viewers will stop to admire.


Remember: donor recognition is a tool you can use to not only thank  your existing donors, but to inspire others to join the donor family.

Interactive Displays

Choosing whether or not to make your display interactive or not is a big decision.  While non-interactive displays can still provide donor names, stories, and announcements, allowing the viewer to take the experience into their own hands can be even more powerful.

You can incorporate way finding, naming opportunity recognition and promotion, and so much more.  An interactive display allows the user to unlock more stories, timelines, and even watch videos of their choosing.  It can be a fun interaction that might just inspire the right person to get involved.

You might be wondering how you’re going to manage all this information and whether or not it’ll be a chore to update and control.  Let’s take a look at how easy it can be.

The Axial Tool Behind It All

Appellō is a cohesive, effective communication content management system (CMS) by which your ever evolving content is organized, configured, curated and deployed to many different displays in physical and virtual spaces.

We’d be honored to share more about our custom tool.  After all, it was created with you in mind.

This is just the start. The fun part.

We want to hear about your future endeavors and upcoming digital donor recognition projects.